purpose of the rules and regulations

  1. Regulating and consolidating the usage of the whole Event Area (Szentendre, Dózsa György út 26.).
  2. By accessing the Event Area, everyone declares to agree with the Rules and Regulations, General Terms and Conditions of Use. Everyone is obliged to understand and adhere to the rules. The Team leader, Organiser, parent or guardian is required to familiarise and enforce the Rules and Regulations with their guests.
  3. Entrants accept and acknowledge that the contents of this document may change unilaterally, but shall always act in accordance with the applicable Rules and Regulations.

operating orders of the solar decathlon europe 2019

  1. Organiser, ÉMI Nonprofit Llc. (below referred to as Organiser). The Event Area is operated by ÉMI Nonprofit Llc.
  2. ÉMI Nonprofit Llc. is entitled to manage, declare and comply with the rules of the park and buildings, as well as the tasks related to asset management.
  3. The Event Area is a private area. Everyone should stay in the area at their own risk.
  4. In case of any behavior different from the Rules and Regulations, the Operator may exclude the person from the usage of ÉMI Nonprofit Llc. (even without justification). The Operator may make a direct contract resolution in the event of a discrepancy in the permit. In such cases, any material and moral damage is borne by the visitor or the customer.
  5. People entering the Event Area are obliged to tolerate on-site events, programs as well as the Operator's (written and oral) instructions, limitations and requests.
  6. The Event Area can be visited between hours of general opening hours. It is forbidden to stay in the Event Area outside this period of time (except with permission or in the event of a separate decision by the operator).

general rules for the event area

  1. Only animals with a muzzle and a leash can be brought in the area with the exception of guides and assistance dogs.
  2. Smoking is only allowed in the smoking designated areas. It is forbidden to smoke in the rest of the Event Area or in the buildings and to carry out activities involving an open flame!
  3. It is forbidden to import tools that are dangerous to public security (e.g.: jigsaw, cutting device, firearm, gas spray, shock, etc.) according to Government decree 175/2003. (X. 28.). Violating this rule, results in juridical measures.
  4. It is forbidden to make any audio-, or video recordings. Only amateur recordings are allowed, with no economic activity, used for private purposes only. Any other kind of professional recordings or press presence with organized economic activity, intended for the public, has to be previously discussed and only possible with written authorization.
  5. In case of any disorder, the Operator has to be notified as soon as possible. Any damage (including physical, moral, natural, or fire accidents) are registered and must be reimbursed by the culprit. The Operator or its security service might hold back the responsible party. The Operator reports any unreported damage to the police.
  6. In case of an emergency or an accident, the Operator has to be notified immediately. There are 3 muster points on the territory of the event. If an emergency occurs, everyone is responsible for their own safety.
  7. On the Event Area, there are visible and hidden safety instrumented-, alert-, and video surveillance systems operating. Their footages are examined, stored, and shared on public surfaces, or given to the authorized persons, if needed.
  8. The Operator may make photographs and video recordings, and use them as a reference. Regarding that claim, the Operator cannot be obligated to any kind of restriction, compliance, or notification.
  9. The person who enter, take note of the fact especially, that this area is closely connected to the neighbouring forests, therefore stray and wild animals, or unauthorized persons may emerge to the territory. Because of the open character of the area-operating, everyone is responsible for themselves, and obligated to do everything on their own to prevent or improve the chances to escape from accidents, emergencies, and physical damages.
  10. It is forbidden to bring or consume any alcoholic beverages into the Event Area, or enter in an intoxicated state.
  11. The specific rules of vehicle usage
  • Entrance is only possible with allowance. Vehicles ought to keep on the road and keep off the grass, it is prohibited to park before buildings or narrow roads.
  • On the event’s territory, the Hungarian Highway Code is ought to be respected.
  • The maximum allowed speed limit is 10 km/h.
  • Those who possess a permanent entry allowance have to place them behind the first windscreen, to a clearly visible spot.
  • Outside visiting hours, the Operator might have vehicles without a special allowance towed and have its owner charged with the expenses.
  • The parking areas are not guarded. For the possible damages the Operator do not take responsibility. Parking under, or in the proximity of trees is only possible at everyone’s own responsibility.
  • The customer’s and visitor’s parking areas are only optimal for the worktime period, for service vehicles only. P+R, or longtime-period permanent parking is not allowed. Only passenger cars or motorcycles are allowed.
  • Heavy vehicles, buses, etc. are only allowed with the Operator’s special permission.

additional conditions for the usage of the event’s territory

  1. In case of a stormy weather (rainy, with heavy wind or snow), entrance to the territory is only possible on everyone’s own responsibility. Staying under or in any tree’s and house’s proximity is highly prohibited!
  2. Please drive carefully, do not stray away from the roads, neither climb up the trees. To enter to the territory of ÉMI Non-Profit Llc. and Solar Decathlon Europe 2019, increased cautiousness is necessary.
  3. Transportation by bicycle is only allowed by keeping to the speed limit and at everyone’s own responsibility.
  4. We ask our costumers respectfully to be environmentally-friendly during their visit to Solar Decathlon Europe 2019. Plant-picking is highly prohibited!
  5. Please during your visit, keep your own trash, and throw it away at home!
  6. It is only possible to place a fire with the written permission of the Operator at the designated places, if the fire prohibition is not in force.

additional conditions for the building-occupation

  1. Entrance to the buildings is only allowed with permission. The buildings are not freely accessible.
  2. In the buildings, the Visitor’s Rules and Regulations, Fire Protection-, and Worker Protection Policies must be respected. For every accident, fire, and material, or any other kind of damage, that originates from these rules not having been respected, are at the visitor’s responsibility. These rules should be known before entrance.
  3. During stormy, turbulent weather, it is highly prohibited to be in the 3-meter-proximity of lightning arresters, or be on the buildings’ terraces.

responsibilities of the event organiser, staff manager and additional conditions for group-, and organized events

  1. The Organiser must obtain the necessary licenses to hold the event and settle all additional costs. The Organiser is required to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, copyright rules and local regulations.
  2. For every object, tool, facility, food, and beverages, the visitors take responsibility, unless the contract says otherwise.
  3. Any tool or object brought into the event’s territory has to be taken away 3 hours after the closing time. We do not guard them, and take no responsibility for them during or after the event.
  4. The event may not contain any political or any other element, that do not correlates with the SDE19’s aims and values, or stand against them. In that case, the contract becomes invalid and the event must be shut down. The visitor cannot claim damage.
  5. If with this contract a vis-maior situation occurs that the lessor and the tenant are obligated to make verifications. In that situation, both sides may back away from fulfilling the contract without any juridical consequences.
  6. It is the visitor’s sole responsibility to take care of the children, other persons, and possessions entrusted to them. The Organisers take no responsibility for any possible danger, catastrophes, accidents, or harm arriving from the inside or the outside.


Szentendre, 10.07.2019

ÉMI Non-Profit Llc.