the ultimate international university competition in innovative homebuilding

innovative, energy-efficient, sustainable
houses from all over the world

The competition takes place in ten contests (decathlon) between the Teams.

The SDE19 competitor field consists of 16 Teams, the participating students of which represent 14 countries from 4 continents. 45 institutions of higher education institutions, includes 6 Hungarian universities, are represented in the selected Teams.

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The central goal of Solar Decathlon is the promotion of architectural solutions related to solar energy, renewable energies and innovative technologies through the houses built by the university Teams.

In summer 2019 Hungary can be the first in Central-Eastern Europe region to host this international competition held between universities and surrounded by high public attention.

The two-week competition lasts from 12th to 27th July, followed by a two-month extended exhibition, which will close on 29th September.

Information for the supporting partners of the SDE19 competition

Contact information of operational representatives of the organizing committee.