project description

TO is a physical and social space that allows the inhabitant to reflect on how their behavioural habits relate to sustainability. The team proposes a revision of daily activities, ways of living and of the inhabited spaces that are inherited from the past. They understand habitation, in all of its dimensions, as a key factor of individual dynamics, especially as these relate to those of society. With the aim of triggering an ecosistemic change, they propose a space dwelling that is structured around new logics of use and consumption, new day-to-day practices and new ways of interaction and living. TO project seeks that the user understands its functioning; it allows users the opportunity for good waste management, turning waste into resource, and to manage space comforts.

key features

  • First, to broaden the scope of the project so that it not only follows a sustainable housing model, but fosters a change towards an ecosistemic future.
  • Second, this change starts with small actions at home, with a critical attitude towards day-to-day habits.
  • Third, they acknowledge that we carry out these domestic actions everywhere in the city, which has, in turn, become our home.
  • Fourth, in consequence, the only agent determining our habits is ourselves. As such, that change starts with self-analysis.
  • And five, they understand their prototype as a material, an interactive and educational expression of this manifesto.

applied innovative technologies

  • Gadgets, to unlink activities from a space and link them to an environment.
  • Filters, providing the user with the tools to regulate their comfort.
  • Awareness of resources and waste.
  • Use of housing as an educational tool.
For more information about the prototype and the Team, please visit the project website: