project description

This is not a house; this is a strategy based on urban, social and enviromental regeneration. Through this proposal, Project Aura 3.1 exhibits its inquisitiveness for the interdisciplinary and for sustainability. The challenges that the prototype faces are technological in nature, including housing and enviromental emergency in obsolete fabrics of the city. This is represented in a fragmented prototype, which represents an existent building through the steel central space, which is rounded by «gadgets». The «gadgets» are the pieces that add the missing parts of the dwellings, regardless of their nature. This is not a house, so the distribution of these pieces do not follow the logic of one; they could be situated in other places, depending on the buildings they join.

key features

  • Culture is the motor of any urban materialization, thus the approach does not only encompass the contextualization of the element as a physical product, but also the indispensable connection between it and the users, with a social history to accompany them.
  • This project follows the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which justifies its exhibition as a process of investigative and social interest.
  • Legal building requirements in Hungary must be respected; these are considered and accomplished. The elements, through which neighbourhoods regenerate, focus on the basic social, technical and productive needs of their homes. This is achieved through the multidisciplinary participation of highly qualified professionals.

applied innovative technologies

  • The monitorized elements of the house are connected by wi-fi systems, which allow us to have an real-time compilation of data generated by the enviromental conditions of the prototype.
  • The passive systems of the prototype are focused not only on their low enviromental impact but also on the diminution of the exterior polution produced by other agents, like our lime paint.
  • Technologies like BIM have been a part of the design project.


For more information about the prototype and the Team, please visit the project website: