The work performed by the participants of the competition is evaluated on the basis of a wide-ranging system of criteria, where aspects of architecture, sustainability, energy efficiency, construction, aesthetics, awareness raising and market potential are considered. Accordingly, Teams have to undergo the so-called decathlon, which covers all the important aspects of environment, architecture, society and market that a modern competition aiming to promote sustainable architecture needs to address these days.

main scope of sde19

The competition organized in Hungary emphasizes the architectural solutions related to the renovation of the existing building stock as its primary professional subject and it will pose a number of scientific and innovative challenges to the competing university students: including among others the application of local recycled materials, high-level integration of solar photovoltaic and solar cell systems, the issue and solution of the summer overheating of buildings, bioclimatic planning and nature-based solutions, as well as the use of high performance composite materials. The competition in Szentendre also bases the creation of a long-term sustainable park of competition prototypes: a publicly accessible exhibition area, called “Showcase House Park”, will be created open to professionals and the general public. The houses compete with one another in ten contests.

the contests of sde19

  1. Architecture
  2. Engineering and Construction
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Communication & Social Awareness
  5. Neighborhood Integration and Impact
  6. Innovation & Viability
  7. Circularity & Sustainability
  8. Comfort Conditions
  9. House Functioning
  10. Energy Balance