The construction of the competition prototypes has started on 27 June 2019 and lasted only for 15 days. This short timeframe is usual at the Solar Decathlon competitions.

competition period

The opening ceremony of the two-week Competition was held in the morning on 12 July; from then on the Solar Village was open for all visitors. The competition closed with the awarding event on 28 July. For more information on the final result, see Scores & Standings.

extended exhibition

The awarding event closed only the Competition of the prototypes. The Solar Village keeps accepting visitors until 29 September.

After the previous Solar Decathlon Competitions ended with the awarding ceremony, participating Teams generally had to disassemble the houses immediately (usually in 5 days). However, the Hungarian application for the hosting city presented a concept that makes it possible for the wider public to view the prototypes and discover the innovative and energy efficient technical solutions supporting better liveability in the form of a 2-month extended exhibition. Besides, it also facilitates the monitoring of the technical performance of the houses for a period longer than usual, which is ensured by ÉMI Non-profit Llc.

The opening hours of the extended exhibition from 29 July to 29 September:

  • Monday: closed
  • Tuesday to Friday: 3-7pm (Exception: 20 August, when the exhibition is closed)
  • Saturday to Sunday: 10am-5pm

During the opening hours, guided tours in English and Hungarian are held in the prototypes, giving information about the houses. Please note that it takes about 2-3 hours to visit the 10 prototypes in the Solar Village. Please take this into consideration when visiting the exhibition.

Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 is a free-to-attend event, but there is a mandatory registration upon entry, which includes the registration of the postal code of the visitors. The wristband received upon entry offers a 20% discount at the Skansen in Szentendre.